About Ken Kleiber

Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines a star as a radiant ball of gas.

So when the New York Times wrote that Ken Kleiber was on the verge of stardom, they weren’t just whistling Dixie!

Ken has been entertaining millions of viewers since before the Dawn of Time.  With his flaming red hair ™ and his irreverent delivery, Ken has carved himself a very special niche in the extreme nether regions of Show Business.  Ken deftly blends witticism, candor and thievery into a unique conglomeration of song stylings and peppy patter that is not as grotesque as you might think.

Or is it?

In sixth grade when Ken was attending St. Ladislaus Catholic School, Sister Pauline spoke in advance for Ken’s home viewers when she said, “Will you please sit down and be quiet?”  The writing was on the wall, and Ken immediately enrolled in Chicago’s Columbia College with a double major in Drama and Musical Theatre.  Ken’s father, Otto “Dutch” Kleiber, a devout Ethel Merman fan and former pro wrestler, was wildly supportive of Ken’s decision.  His mother Elaine, however, was saddened and skeptical.

And so she remains to this very day.

Ken’s teachers at Columbia were at a complete loss as to where his unique talents might be best put to use.  As a spotlight operator Ken was skittish and inattentive, two qualities that ultimately led to a dual diagnosis and heavy medication by a local psychopharmacologist, Susan Pahl.  “Cousin Sue” remains his costumer and personal pharmacist, as well as his only close friend (based on billable hours.)

Thanks to medication, Ken was able to focus for the first time in his life.   The results were off-putting to all casual observers, and earned Ken a special place on President Nixon’s fabled “Hate-List.”  Undaunted, Ken made his way to the Big Apple and on to the Great White Way.  He put his classical dance training to good use onstage at one of the Show Palaces that were so popular in the Eighties.  Ken’s ability to pick up quarters without using his hands earned him a handful of cult followers.

As for That’s Kentertainment!, his acclaimed television series- well… any schmo can have a cable tv show!  Just present your paperwork, including proof of New York City residency, at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network and you’re on your way!

And thus it began.

And thus it continues…the legend that IS That’s Kentertainment!


One Response to “About Ken Kleiber”

  1. Sandy April 6, 2011 at 7:35 am #

    Ken, you’re a riot! Glad you decided to join GRA.

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