FLASHBACK: MORRISSEY in Chicago (with Ken, Tim & Moz Fanatics)

24 Apr

It’s Friday so I feel like flashing back. No, not my back, but back to the 90’s…when cropped t-shirts, platform sneakers, horn-rimmed glasses, denim jackets, men’s tightly-cropped-on-the-side-with-long-on-top hair was de rigueur…well, sorta like right now.

KenMorrissey 11

Rockin’ the 90’s hair.

Also definitely en vogue (besides En Vogue) was the obsessive love for British crooner Morrissey. Ah, Moz. Formerly of the seminal pop/rock group THE SMITHS, Morrissey had embarked on a successful solo career in the late 80’s. He was (is) worshipped in the UK (to the point of shaking-insanity) and while American radio never really took to his intellectual/depressing/funny/wry sense of music, he definitely had (has) his rabid devotees here in the States. I should know: I’m one of them. I can’t say I’m exactly fanatical in my love of Morrissey, but he is one of my favorite male singer/songwriter/pop-icons of all time. OF ALL TIME!! AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

Some rabid Morrissey fans:

KenMorrissey 3 KenMorrissey 4 KenMorrissey 8KenMorrissey 6 KenMorrissey

Morrissey was coming to perform in Chicago (where I grew-up) and also was making a promotional stop at Tower Records (Ahhhh! Tower! I MISS TOWER RECORDS!!!). Naturally, my friend Tim and I decided we just had to go see Morrissey in the flesh…

morrissey initiate…and also the throngs of swooning, fervent fans. If you have ever seen Morrissey in concert you know that as the crowd goes into a frenzy, various bold members will jump on stage to give Morrissey a hug (sometimes to the point of Morrissey being pulled to the stage floor) and favor him with the gift of gladioli (sorta of the opposite of Dame Edna who favors the audience with gladioli).

Morrissey with gladioli.

Morrissey with gladioli.

Ken with Dame Edna & Barry Humphries, aka Dame Edna.

Ken with Dame Edna & Barry Humphries, aka Dame Edna, and gladioli.

So, here is the Flashback. This clip is from an old videotape (of random musings, favorite clips, etc.) I was making for my friend Greg from high school titled “Greg Tape” (hey- it was the 90’s…meta wasn’t meta yet). For the Morrissey section, I uploaded a portion of a commercially-available Morrissey videotape featuring obsessive fans awaiting the arrival of Morrissey outside of a theater. This bit included Carmen’s “Habanera” for whatever reason. I decided to do my own version of this and show the obsessive fans awaiting Morrissey outside of Tower Records. My bit included “Someday My Prince Will Come” for whatever reason (and that’s likely the reason this clip might be pulled from YouTube? I don’t know if parody rights apply here…so maybe in the future this clip will feature me singing this tune…). But here it is: the 90’s, the high-waisted jeans, the lack of mobile phones, the constant fluffing of moussed hair…



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